A Reaction ‘Here are remote jobs that could keep you working through the coronavirus era’ by Kathy Kristof

This article talks about the different jobs that are accessible during this global crisis known as coronavirus. Even with everyone outlet of media and every person saying to stay home and conduct social distancing there are many jobs that are seamed to be essential. With that being said many companies have told their employees to work from home which to some is a better experience and for others can be very off putting especially if the employee has kids. Web development is one of those jobs that is possible to completely do from home. However if there are a lot of distractions at their home it can slow down process very harshly as web development along with coding in general is all about attention to detail. One little mistake could have you scouring your code for an hour or more because you forget to put a semicolon somewhere. From my experience I am not very good at working from home I need people in front of me to help if I am in need of something. However none of us know when this virus will blow over and could end up being a long time before any of us get to see a bath tissue aisle with toilet paper in it.

Source: https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2020-03-27/sidehusl-remote-jobs-coronavirus