A Reaction to ‘AI Is Changing Web Development ‘ By Gilad David Maayan

This article is a nice summary of what AI and ML is changing within so many departments, industries, and jobs that a web developer would come across. It points out machine learning within applications such as Visual Basic and how its ability to give suggestions with code in the same vein as a google search is phenomenal. We have robots now that are able to do labor insensitive work and repetitive tasks as seen in the automobile industry. They may not have the ability to replicate human creativity as discussed in the article yet, but they have the incredible ability to catch on to what we wire or program them to do. With web development each process is becoming less of a hassle and has become simplified to the point where the access point is available to so many people now. With AI it is able to produce output by doing repetitive tasks and who knows in the future how complicated they will be.

Source: https://www.enterpriseai.news/2020/01/13/ai-is-changing-web-development/