A Reaction to ‘Browser vendor leaks data via open server’ by Catalin Cimpanu

This article reported on the fact that the browser used by web developers provided by Blisk had its data leaked by when a server was exposed without a password. This is something that happens more than it should and really makes the average consumer second guess about giving websites and companies their personal information. Target, Yahoo, and Electronic Entertainment Expo are all examples of companies and organizations that have had some form of a data leak that affected thousands of customers and big names. Thankfully in this situation there was no sensitive information that was on this server, but even with that being said that can still make potential customers scared of using your services and want to opt for something else. Having competent security is not only important for keeping your website in tack but also giving your customers and feeling of safety and trust when using your website. Its not something to be taken lightly what so ever.

Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/browser-vendor-leaks-data-via-open-server/