A Reaction to ‘How to Find the Right Web Design and Development’ by Jenna Walter

This is a very short article that gives points on how to find certain developers and how to communicate to said developers on what you want your website to look like. Jenna starts the article off by saying that if a company plans to be successful in the current year then they need a website. I don’t agree with this entirely because while a website will help I believe social media plays a big part in a new company and turning heads. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other popular platforms can help advertise their products and services. Aside from that I think all the steps she listed were well made and to the point. This is especially true for the point about being transparent. It is so easy to have a misunderstanding when designing because if you told them to give you something bright and colorful they might have something that you didn’t. People have different perspectives on what a certain design should look like and I am very happy she was able to pinpoint this. Overall a great, informative read that will take at most a couple of minutes of your day.