A Reaction to ‘Is Desktop Development Dead? Or Still Worth It?’ by David Bolton

This article discusses the authors experiences as a web developer and how the usefulness of developing for desktop computers has been overshadowed over the years by mobile development. To answer his question outright I would have to say no. Desktop development is not going anywhere because phones can only offer so much screen real estate. Some applications or services have a lot going on with them and using like Microsoft Excel on a phone sounds annoying and cumbersome. There might be a day where a radical change happens to phones for something that today would be considered impossible. However even then the desktop experience would most likely evolve along side the other. Mobile applications do not exist to cannibalize the desktop experience they are mostly there to complement the desktop site or offer a more simple version that does not require excessive swiping. In conclusion, desktop development is not dead it is simply not the top priority for companies out there.