A Reaction to ‘Launch your full stack web developer career today’ by Angelica Rosales

This article gives information about a $13 course for JavaScript and what you will learn by purchasing it. This is one of many examples of affordable ways to learn coding. Many websites offer courses or information for different languages including Skillshare, w3schools, or a variety of other platforms. Giving purchasers hands on projects is a great tool for them to understand what does what within web pages. The world is in need of more people that understand web development as well as other skills involving code. I have seen many programs reaching out to young people with affordability in mind for this. On the best examples I have seen is a coding bootcamp that does not require any payment up front. Instead the course is paid off by the company taking a percentage of your first couple of paychecks. That may turn off some people but gaining experience and knowledge without worrying about payment schedules is very nice. Overall this is a great value among other great value courses for coding out there.

Source: https://www.creativebloq.com/news/launch-your-full-stack-web-developer-career-today