A Reaction to ‘Web development shifts to a mobile-first approach’ by Jenna Sargent

This article talks about how the industry is changing its focus and looking at the web design and experience for mobile users first before desktop users. Designing for mobile users can be difficult as you need to convey a lot of information and the screen space a developer has is very vertical and narrow. In addition to that the user is also going to be in a busy environment most likely so there needs to be just enough information to hook the user and get to purchase a product or read an article or whatever the objective is. According to the article websites have begun convert their website to an app as a way to not worry about the browser and the users a more refined experience and gives a little more room for the website as the task bar found in most browsers is absent. Using a phone for websites can be annoying sometimes as some websites have their buttons too close or their drop down menus are too cluttered. Having a mobile first approach is something that needs to happen because people are not always close to a desktop where as a phone is guaranteed to be carried by a majority of people.