A Reaction to ‘What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Web Development Company?’ by Amit Agrawal

Outsourcing can be very convenient for companies and cheaper as well as they don’t need to take the time to handle a web development team or send the money on them for services or equipment. Amit Agrawal uses his article to speak on these conveniences. He mainly goes over different topics about the website itself and that it basically will be an overall better product if using a web development company. I agree with his stance that if you have limited knowledge on web design and how to get traffic to your website then it is best that you outsource. However, I do think that if he needs to actually show examples of companies that can do well at web development With what is given it just seems like a piece saying that this is what the best web development can do with nothing saying what companies have these qualities. Overall it does may good points on what to strive for when designing a website but it needs real world examples of who does that and how they do it in the industry.

source: https://customerthink.com/what-are-the-benefits-of-hiring-a-web-development-company/